A life of BATTLES

3 januari 2021 0 Door Rozaynis Godfried

Life…  We all long for it. Life starts with joy but ends with sorrow. That’s life. For many a blessing, for others a curse. For some it’s easy and for the other a daily struggle. Life, life, life. The biggest miracle ever and yet so illogical and unfair. Rose scent and moonshine? Not at all. Life is not always about roses. What I can tell is….

We all live a life of battles.

Struggles and battles? We all know that. Big or small. We all have it. Regardless of wich country, city, street or in wich house you live. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you grew up, we’ve all known a struggle.
Why is that so? Good question.
Of course you expect an answer to that now…. Challenge accepted. That we all struggle despite our nationality can only be due to the following reasons. 

We have the same Creator. Created by the same hands. Made with the same ingredients, from the same material or whatever you want to call it.  Religious or not, we are created in the same way. A strong spirit has been given to us. Not to mention an enormous willpower to overcome. Don’t forget that He warned us that the battle is not against flesh and blood but against ruler, authorities, the power of this dark world, spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12). We are born to fight battles and to overcome every struggle. You were born a warrior. A strong warrior just like your Creator. Without fighting battles you can’t be more than a conqueror. 

Secondly, it is our calling as His children. Jesus Christ also suffered (1 Peter 2:20). That means we have to carry our cross every day of our lives. (Matthew 10:38). Does this mean that God wants us to suffer? Does He enjoy seeing us in pain and sorrow?
No, not at all. Sometimes we can’t understand what is happening around us. Not understandable why God doesn’t intervene. Believe it or not. He knows what He is doing and what He is doing, He does out of love. Adversity, misery or persecution, famine or poverty, danger or the sword? Nothing can separate us from the Fatherly Love (Romans 8:38+39). Despite our sin….

Sin… The following reason why battles come. We sometims ruin it for ourselves.  How so?  Our conscience indicates us when we do something that doesn’t please God. Even though our conscience indicating that and the Holy Spirit indicating the guidelines, we ignore that. We bring down the will of God and put our own will at the highest place.  Just like a father corrects his child, so does God correct His children. That hurts sometimes. It isn’t nice but necessary and when that happens we experience that as a struggle or fight. It is our own fault. So, there are several reasons from which we can conclude why we live a life of battles. We all have that so you are not alone. Everyone handles it differently. The feeling we experience is quite different but at the end we all go through it.
The same Creator, the same calling, we all have sinned and we all have the same path to walk to the same destination. Heaven. To get there, we live a life of battles. The most important thing is that we should not judge each other. We all have battles to fight. We all live a life of battles.

“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strenght to endure a difficult one.”

~ Rozaynis Godfried ~